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Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc.

Post Office Box 2421, Kingston, NY 12402

Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc.

"Transforming the Lives of Women Who Transform their World"

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

EACH year in the United States an estimated two to six million women are victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior including physical, sexual, financial, spiritual and psychological abuse. Domestic violence is about control, manipulation and domination. Ninety-five percent of assaults on spouses or ex-spouses are committed by men against women.

Oftentimes too afraid and too shame to speak up countless numbers of women sit in Churches all across America and suffer in silence.Victims and perpetrators are from all ages, racial, socioeconomic, sexual orientation, educational, occupational, geographic and religious groups. Can a woman survive abusive love? Yes, she can. If you or someone you know has a history of abuse you are in need of a personal, life changing encounter with an all-powerful God. One who delights in healing wounds and setting us free. Lasting healing, deliverance and transformation is possible.

The Exodus is about coming face to face with a righteous and Holy God who loves you very much. A God who's willing to do things for you that you can't do for yourself. If you are in need of a breakthrough there are biblical principles that can help you embrace your season of preparation. Once deliverance has taken place, you must choose to reposition your soul to prosper.

In her newest book, The Exodus Breaking Cycles and Changing Lives, author, speaker Rev. Patrina M Wright reveals:

  • Key principles to help you break the cycle of domestic violence once and for all.
  • How to position yourself to be totally transformed despite your past.
  • Why you don’t have to suffer in silence.
  • The strategy to move from victim to victor and surviving to thriving.
  • How forgiveness can help you to heal, prosper, flourish and succeed.

In observance of National Domestic Violence Awareness month, order a copy of this life changing book for yourself or someone you know. It can help you move beyond the scars of abuse.

Order "The Exodus Breaking Cycles and Changing Lives: Repositioning Your Soul to Thrive After Domestic Violence " today!!!

Author:Rev. Patrina M Wright

ISBN Number: 97814622068470

Order By Telephone: 1-800-AUTHORS (1-800-288-4677)

Order Online:

For book signing Information, email us at [email protected]