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Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc.

Post Office Box 2421, Kingston, NY 12402

Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc.

"Healing the Hearts of Women and Children Since 2004"


I have known Ms. Wright for quite sometime and she is a caring and determined person who wishes to make changes in the lives of people she comes in contact with. She is a God fearing woman who has come to the aid of her community more particularly women who are at a "crossroad" struggling to find the right direction to go. With little and most times no financial support Ms. Wright has made a difference in the lives of victims who had no where to turn. She has advocated on behalf of women and walked them through the process. In some cases soliciting favors from friends and family members. She has not asked for nothing in return, except for women to stay on the straight path.

I have been in law enforcement for more than 20 years and for the last 12 years have been assigned to the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office Homicide Unit. I have witnessed the success that Patrina Wright has had with some of her clients. She utilizes every resource available in her effort to produce success stories. Ms. Wright makes it hard for someone to say no by presenting all the facts. She is truly a person with integrity, knowledge and humble. She leads by example and shows many of us the needs of a community. It has made some of us who are a little more fortunate than others aware of why we should give back. I truly hope this letter provides you with a little background on the "guardian angle" to these clients.

Detective Calvin E. Hart

Motivational Speaker & Presenter

"See Me Now Or I'll See You Later" Awareness Series

July 10, 2006 


Patrina Wright, the executive director of Crossroad Women and Family Services, Inc. is committed to making a difference in the lives of society's most vulnerable populations. She is a woman of passion offering help and demonstrating compassion to women in need. Her primary focus is helping heal hurting women so they can become productive mothers and raise their children. Ms. Wright works with women to help them create a better quality of life. The need for the services she provides is vital in supporting women and families trying to make changes in their lives. Ms. Wright has provided much needed assistance to families. She also uses her voice to speak out, train other leaders and mobilize the community at large to make a difference.

Mr. Harvey George

Founder, Friends of the Lifers Youth Corporation

July 10, 2006



I have lived most of my life in fear, yet I have always had faith in God. 

These two cannot go together at some point in life my faith in God was put to the ultimate test. I was abused as a child. My abuser instilled so much fear in me until that was the only way I knew how to function. He was abusive on every level, emotionally, verbally, sexually and emotionally and mentally.

Can you imagine how this could affect a child? This man was my father. He would be very nice at times and then he would turn into a monster. I was so afraid of him. He would beat me so hard. He was also abusive to my mother. Not only was I abused at home. I was also abused in school by catholic nuns, they were equally abusive. 

There was a time when I could not talk about this so openly. But it is through Gods, Goodness, Grace and mercy that I can now be a testimony to others. I was standing in the kitchen washing dishes one day. The sun was shining through the skylight in the ceiling and I ask God “ How long do I have to endure this cruel treatment. God when will you deliver me from all of this mess?". I heard a voice whisper to me NOT YET. I was content with that answer for a while. 

I was hosting a meeting one night on HIV/AIDs prevention. After I finished setting up the projector, I sat next to one 

of the attendees. In the middle of the meeting he turned to me and said “God hears your prays and cries at night".

I was so shocked. I did not know him. I could not hold back the warm salty tears that streamed down my face. The room was dark because we were watching a film. When the lights came on he was gone. I believe that was one of God angels giving me a message of hope.

I continued to pray and read the word, my faith grew weary at times but I kept going to church. It was the only place 

I could have some measure of peace. I never stopped praying no matter how bad things got. I kept reading Psalm 37 morning noon and night. I changed my prayer request. Instead of asking God why me I started asking God to teach me what I need to know to improve my life and he did.

God knows when you are asking just to be asking for something or when you are genuinely sincere. I have learned that you can’t always ask God to do something for you. You have to give God his props too .I mean praise him, honor him, glorify him, magnify him because of who he is and not just for what he can do for you. My faith began to increase. Once I started to really trust God. I mean trust him with every fiber, bone, muscle and tissue in my body, every strand of hair on my head that is when God was able to bless me and work miracles in my life.

I want to keep it really real with you. Do not think for one second that I was not afraid. As much as I wanted things to change in my life I was so afraid.  But I held on to my faith in God. The turning point in my life was when I read the book Still Scarred, Totally Healed- Opening Your Heart and Mind to God’s Healing of Past Hurts, by Patrina Wright.

The book helped me to change the way I looked at things and then things began to change the way they looked. 

God was speaking to me as I read the book. If you want to change any situation in your life, reading that book will give you the knowledge, wisdom, love, support and courage to heal your heart and take the necessary steps you need to move forward in your life.

Rhina Banks

Author, speaker, artist, dance instructor, women's health advocate

To order your copy of Still Scarred, Totally Healed today call iUniverse publishing at

1-800-AUTHORS or 1-800-288-4677.